Come for the Launch on Nov.18 …Stay for D’Arcy & Darnold

Stepping into D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre (ARC)  is like stepping into the opening scene in Coop the Great where Coop, a senior dachshund, awaits adoption at the fictional  Derby Animal Shelter.  Coop has been adopted numerous times before and, as he cynically puts it, ‘rejected’ just as often.  Derby Animal Shelter is his latest stop in a long chain of rejections. 

Here’s Coop’s colorful description of Derby:

Derby Animal Shelter was a no-kill facility. More than a dozen dogs lived there. Some had strayed from their homes and were found wandering the streets. Others, like me, had been rejected by their owners. Across the hall, behind a cinder block wall, lived a gazillion cats. I’m exaggerating of course, but judging by the volume of non-stop wailing coming from their quarters, it was an impossibly high number. Probably it was closer to thirty or forty. Too many.

While writing Coop, I spent some time at the Foothills Animal Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona, and my fictional Derby is loosely modeled after it. But Derby is also similar in many ways to the very real D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre in my home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Like Derby and Foothills, D’Arcy’s ARC is a ‘no-kill facility’ dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned, homeless and neglected animals. D’Arcy’s focuses on giving dogs and cats veterinary care and a comfortable place to live until they are adopted for life no matter how long it takes. Unlike some other rescue operations, there is no time limit involved, no X number of months before unadopted animals are put down.

D’Arcy’s is unique in another way, too. It’s a not-for-profit organization which means that it relies entirely on donations and volunteers – not grants and hired help - to cover its expenses and maintain services.

D'Arcy Johnston toured us through the facility

Recently, Jo and I toured D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Center with founder D’Arcy Johnston. D’Arcy is a former Animal Health Technician who saw a need for a facility with care and comfort as its focus. Since its establishment in 2001, over 15,000 animals have found permanent homes through ARC and at any given time there may be 100 animals at ARC waiting for adoption.

The store portion of D'Arcy's ARC is well stocked with items new owners need

D’Arcy’s compassion was apparent at every stage of our tour. He knew each animal by name along with its backstory and medical history, and as we walked about the center, he answered our many questions and described the operation. We learned that volunteers walk animals, feed them, administer medication if necessary and tend to their needs. Veterinarians donate time and expertise.

Because adoptive guardians often ask to purchase food and other start-up supplies, D’Arcy’s maintains a well-stocked store.  In addition, D'Arcy's operates a thrift shop at 1076 Main St.  Like everything else, proceeds from both are funneled back into the shelter to cover expenses.

Meeting Darnold

Along our tour, D’Arcy introduced us to Darnold (short for Darn Arnold) a rescue dog with three legs. Darnold arrived at ARC so severely injured that amputation was necessary. He quickly adapted to his three-legged existence and as proof he walked over and greeted us with enthusiastic tail-wags. Darnold has become ARC’s canine ambassador and he often accompanies D’Arcy to events and school visits.

Darnold will be at the launch along with D'Arcy Johnston

Which brings me to an announcement. The launch for Coop the Great will be in the atrium at McNally Robinson Booksellers on Grant Avenue, Winnipeg on Sunday, November 18 at 2 p.m.  I’ve asked D’Arcy Johnston to partner with me and say a few words. Darnold will be attending too, ready for photo-ops with anyone who stops by.

D'Arcy's ARC is a not-for-profit operation and runs on donations. Everyday items like newspapers and office supplies as well as products used for the care of animals awaiting adoption are needed and appreciated

There is no obligation, but for those so inclined there will be drop-off bin for donated items that D’Arcy’s ARC needs in its day-to-day operation. Supplies like pet food, cat litter, and treats are always appreciated, but so too are other items like hand sanitizer, bleach, unscented dryer sheets and newspapers. Office supplies such as computer paper, staples, and manila file folders are needed, too. For more about donated items, you can check D'Arcy ARC 's wish list on its website. 


I hope to see you at the launch to help me celebrate the release of Coop the Great. I think we’ll have a doggone good time.

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