Dear Larry

I received an envelope thick with cards. letters and notes from students I had recently visited during THIN AIR week. This was not the first time – and hopefully not the last – that such a package has landed in my hands after visiting a school.

As usual, I waited until I had time to digest the contents before opening it.  As usual, I read each entry, sometimes with a smile, often with a chuckle.  And as usual, I packed everything back into the envelope when I finished so that I could read and savour them again another day. 

I though you might enjoy viewing a few samples from two such bundles.  One envelope came from a grade 1 class where I had talked about books and writing, but also took students on a journey 60 million years into the past, to the time when the Western Interior Seaway split the continent in two and Bruce, the mighty mosasaur, ruled the sea.  The other envelope came from a grade 4/5 class who had just finished reading Coop the Great and had dozens of questions for me.  I don’t think you’ll have any problem distinguishing between the two.

I love your book Coop the Great.  I found it funny when you were talking about the little dachshund pup that you met in the backpack. Because I have a chocolate lab but he’s still a puppy. He’s 9 months old. When he was very tiny and we didn’t want to leave him in the kennel, we took him to the hockey area with us and stuffed him in a little bag. Of course, you’re not allowed dogs.  But it was so cute when people came so we would hide him under a blanket. So funny!

I think Coop the Great is one of my favourite books now. I like how you added some sad parts, some happy parts and some funny parts. I think my favourite character in Coop the Great is Emma. I like the way she is almost always happy and cheerful!

Why did you pick dogs and not cats like there are so many other things to choose from?  I learned that to write it’s harder than it sounds or looks. Coop the Great is my favourite that I have ever heard.

The book Coop the Great was an awesome book. I did not like how Zach was hitting the dog and being mean. It was sad how Rick was being mean to the kids and the mom, but I do like everything else in the book.  The book made me feel happy and sad.


Can I ask you a question?  Can you come visit us again so then maybe you can read us some more Coop the Great.  By the way my questions are not over yet. I only have a few!! My first question is how hard was it for you to create Coop’s name?  My second question is CAN YOU COME VISIT US!





  • MaryLou Driedger

    November 1, 2019 at 10:34 am Reply

    These are wonderful Larry! I hope the monster like character at the table isn’t supposed to be you!

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