Innovations in Everyday Technologies

Imagine your world without microwaves, umbrellas or elevators!  Be inspired by the amazing inventors, scientists and engineers who created the gadgets, structures and materials that we depend on every single day!



Recommended, Best Books, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2017


"The examples in each of the books in "The Problem Solved! Your Turn to Think Big" series will be engaging to students in Grades 3 6 and well beyond. The books are well-written and well illustrated. The real strength of the books is in the repeated message to students to think creatively and become problem solvers now...  Highly Recommended."

                                                                                                                                  Canadian Materials Magazine

"Innovations in Everyday Technologies by Larry Verstraete is my favorite in the series because I love gadgets and see loads of inspiration for inventors in ordinary innovations, such as 'selfie sticks'. What's the first invention portrayed? A dishwasher! Thank you Josephine Cochran, the inventor! Who can't appreciate a dishwasher?"

                                                                                                                                  National Science Teachers Association



Today, opening a can of soda pop is simple - just pull the tab at the top. It wasn't always that convenient, though. The first pop cans came sealed much like today's cans of soup. To get to the refreshing drink inside, you had to use a can openier.

Mechanical engineer Ermal Cleon Fraze changed all that in 1959. Fraze attended a picnic and forgot to bring a can opener to open his drink. He spent 30 frustrating minutes prying the can open on the bumper of his car. To avoid a repeat of this annoying experience, he invented a new can that had a pull-top lid. This new design no longer needed a can opener to open it.



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