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“It was great learning about how to write books and how to find information on the subject of your books. It was also very cool seeing the process of books getting edited and published. I know that everybody loved that you came.”
Michael, grade 6 student


“I thought your presentation was great, good…funtastic”
Lexi, grade 3 student


“I could not have been more imressed with the quality of the sessions that Larry delivered. He was very engaged with the audience, and dispensed very useful and appropriate information that any student could relate to and understand. Considering that he had to deal with a great range of children’s ages, this was a remarkable feat.”
Jolene St. Germain-Boehm, Teacher Librarian


“I know that wherever he travels Larry gives teachers the courage to try something new, librarians watch his books fly off the shelves and often in the hands of some of the ‘less that interested in reading’ students, AND best of all, the children he meets are encouraged to use research to make their stories better.”
Ellen Donogh, Teacher-Librarian

“Larry Verstraete made a great impression on many students, and especially the budding authors in the crowd. The content is absolutely riveting, and that too will be remembered.”

Sybille Parry, Teacher-Librarian


“Larry is able to explain complex ideas in language my grade six students understand. I find his understanding of children is exceptional. His stories are interesting and relevant, and after his visits, all of his books are taken out from the library.”
Allison Bruckshaw, Teacher


“It is obvious that Larry is a natural with students as he calmly interacts with them….Larry is an engaging presenter and author for both students and educators.”
Vivianne Fogarty, Teacher Librarian


“Having enjoyed many of Larry’s books, I was delighted to discover that his in-person classroom talks are equally informative and enjoyable….He gains his audiences’ attention with his warmth and charm and retains that attention with the interesting stories he has to tell.”
Gregory Bryan, Professor of Children’s Literature and Literacy Education,
Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba


“Our students, and teachers, thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Larry is a very “down-to-earth” person. I would highly recommend him.”
Maxine Parchment, Teacher-Librarian


“Larry has taken our students from start to finish on the writing steps of publishing a book. He has so inspired our students and staff that we are now writing our own school book based on his publication, G is for Golden Boy”.
Judy Pirnie, Principal


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