S is for Scientists: A Discovery Alphabet


What could two greased bowls fitted together possibly demonstrate? What lost city was found in the jungle of Peru? Which Nobel Prize-winning couple called their crystals "magical blue glow-worms"? Young readers can find the answers to these questions and much more in S is for Scientists: A Discovery Alphabet.


WINNER, McNally Robinson Book of the Year for Young People, 2012
Selected, 2011 Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12, NSTA & Children's Book Council
Selected, 2013-2014 Macy's Multicultural Collection of Children's Literature


"S is for Scientists" is a wonderfully descriptive alphabet story book for children. It gives the reader a taste of the variety of problems, discoveries, and wonders that scientists have been studying and continue to ponder. It is also a beautiful way to encourage children to begin to question the world."
                                                                                           Canadian Materials, Volume XVII Number 35

"S is for Scientists" will lead a child on an unforgettable enriching voyage of discovery."
                                                                                                    Children's Bookwatch, December 2010

"...the perfect book for curious minds...It would be a great addition to any child's curriculum. I liked it and recommend it to anyone with an insatiable thirst for scientific knowledge."
                                                                                    This Old Schoolhouse Magazine, November 2010

"S is for Scientists" celebrates the incredible history of scientific thought. From Machu Picchu to the jungles of Tanzania, from microwaves to the concept of zero, "S is for Scientists" will lead a child on an unforgettable, enriching voyage of discovery."
                                                                                                                      Midwest Book Reviews

"The book's emphasis on methods - like demonstrating, observing, and yielding (to the moment!) - is commendable. The science is eclectic as well: it ranges grom Pavlov's behavioural psychology to Bingham's archeological discoveries in Machu Pichu. Middle and secondary readers will appreciate its descriptions of scientific processes from molecular structures to nuclear science."
                                                                                                      NSTA Recommends, NSTA website

"I strongly recommend this children's science book for kids because of the catchy poetry and informative fact-based paragraphs authored by Larry Verstraete....The illustrations by David Geister are well-done and colorful, and assist in making scientific-related breakthrough history come alive..."
                                                                       Roy A. Barnes, Sept. 6, 2010, Lifestyle: Associated Content



Standing by the elephant enclosure.
Katy Payne felt a stir.
Were the beasts sending secret messages?
Her recordings showed for sure.

In 1984 zoologist Katy Payne noticed something odd while observing three Asian elephants and their calves at the Washington Park Zoo in Portland, Oregon. The air around the elephant enclosure seemed to throb, and a quiver ran through Payne's body. The strange sensation reminded her of a childhood experience when, standing close to a pipe organ at church, she had felt a similar throbbing when the lowest notes on the organ were played. Were the elephants making sounds too low in frequency for humans to detect? she wondered.

Curious about the phenomenon, Payne used electronic instruments to record the elephants. By analyzing the printouts, she was able to confirm her suspicions. Elephants, she learned, communicate using hundreds of different calls, many of them at frequencies well below the range of human hearing. Because the calls can reverberate over great distances, elephants can keep in contact with one another even when separated by miles.


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