Surviving the Hindenburg


On May 6, 1937, after crossing from Germany to the United States, the Hindenburg was destroyed by fire as it attempted a landing at the Lakehurst Naval Base in New Jersey. Join Werner Franz, the 14 year-old cabin boy, one of the Hindenburg's 62 survivors, and relive the events of that historic day.


Shortlisted - 2014 Alberta's Rocky Mountain Book Award
Honor Winner - 2014 Story Telling World Resource Awards
Nominated - 2014 Charlotte Award, New York State Reading Association
Nominated - 2014 McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award (Younger Division)
Shortlisted - 2013 Children's Choices List
Runner-up - 2012 USA Best Book Awards, Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Non-Fiction Category
Recommended - 2012 Parent's Choice Foundation
Recommended, The Canadian Children's Book Centre


"Exceptionally well written and beautifully illustrated, this true story is at once fascinating, informative and riveting."

"Verstraete and Geister have produced a powerful book for Sleeping Bear Press that will engage and inform readers of a wide age range...Highly recommended."
                                                                                                                                     CM Magazine

"Surviving the Hindenburg" is an interesting tale enhanced by historical information in front and back pages, both of which give young readers an idea of the magnitude of this disaster. In telling this story, author Larry Verstraete gives kids someone to identify with: a boy like them who is witness to an event that shocked Americans, and the Germans who made the zeppelin....With a palette that evokes many emotions in few pages, Geister’s artwork truly sets the tone of this book."
                                                                                                  Terri Schlichenmeyer - The Bookworm

"This exciting tale is well captured in this picture book for older readers"
                                                                                                                           The Fourth Musketeer

"In Surviving the Hindenburg, Larry Verstraete has the perfect combination - a young protagonist and a history-making event - the horrific fire aboard the Hindenburg... This is a compelling account using easily-read, bold-font text opposite full-page or double-spread oil paintings. Scenes of the blimp's inner gangways add understanding of the ship's inner workings, while views from the ground give context to the blimp's immense size. The fiery scenes are powerfully gripping."


In the officer’s mess, Werner heard an announcement over the Hindenburg’s voice system.

“Six men forward.”

The stern was heavier than the bow. Before the mooring lines could be lowered, the zeppelin had to be leveled. To add extra weight to the bow, the captain ordered six crewmen to the front.

More than anything, Werner wished he could be one. The bow offered the best views of the landing. But Werner still had dishes to put away. He couldn’t leave until he was finished.

Werner had a coffee cup in his hand when he heard a muffled thud. He felt the Hindenburg quiver, and saw a flash of fire through the window. Without warning, the stern dropped. Dishes poured from the cabinet.....


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