Surviving the Hindenburg Links

Find out more about the Hindenburg and its fatal flight

YouTube - The Hindenburg Disaster
Footage of the Hindenburg landing combined with broadcaster Herbert Morrison's commentary.

Radio News: The Hindenburg Disaster
Herbert Morrison's radio broadcast along with production notes about its airing

Faces of the Hindenburg
Comprehensive site with blog and biographical information about passengers and crew aboard the Hindenburg's final flight.

Airships: The Hindenburg and Other Zeppelins
Photos, video, detailed descriptions, statistics and extensive coverage of the Hindenburg, its sister ship, the Graf Zeppelin, and other airships from the age of the zeppelins.

About.Com - The Hindenburg Disaster
Three part coverage of the events leading to the disaster, theories about its cause and speculation about what really might have happened on May 6, 1937.

New York Times: On This Day
The report issued by the New York Times the day after the disaster.

MythBusters: Hindenburg Disaster
Short video clip from Discovery Channel's Mythbusters program showing attempts to understand the Hindenburg's fiery end.

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society
Information about the crash site and memorial as well as related photos.

Zeppelin Museum
Located in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the historic building center of many of the great zeppelins, the Zeppein Museum houses a collection of Hindenburg artifacts as well as full-scale reproductions of the passenger quarters and other features of the airship's interior.



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