For teachers, a number of resources are a click away:

  • Teacher's Guides with activities and ideas for the classroom
  • Links to related sites and further information
  • Author's Notes that provide insights about the book's theme and the process of writing it


Teacher's Guide
Downloadable PDF of teacher-led activities designed to enhance and support the information in the book






Teacher's Guide
This downloadable PDF offers a range of classroom activities designed to promote discussion and expand understanding as readers explore stories in this book.






Teacher's Guide
Downloadable PDF of discussion ideas and student activities to explore the themes, characters, and plot of Missing in Paradise

Missing in Paradise Links
More about metal detecting, treasure-hunting, and Alzeheimer's

Author's Notes
nsights into the storyline and characters instrumental to the book



Life or Death
Teacher's Guide

Downloadable PDF of discussion ideas and student activities examines the nature of survival, the qualities of survivors, and the role played by seemingly minor decisions in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

Life or Death Links
More situations of high peril and bold attempts to beat the odds...

Author's Notes
Highlights about the research, writing process, and stories in the book


Case Files 2


Teacher's Guide 
Discussion ideas, activities and puzzles probe the nature of science detection and the mysteries that science has solved.

Author's Notes
Behind the scenes information about the inspiration for the book, the process of research, the decisions pondered along the way.



HindenburgCoverTeacher's Guide
Math, science, and language related activities provide opportunities for students to interact with the story and relate to the historical events of the zeppelin's final journey

Hindenburg Links
Find out more about the Hindenburg, its fatal flight, and the people aboard.

Author's Notes
Behind the book: research hurdles, writing choices, and the quest for accuracy


G is for Golden Boy

Teacher's Guide
A downloadable teacher package from the publisher's website featuring games, puzzles and activities that can be used with G is for Golden Boy.



S is for Scientists

Teacher's Guide

Puzzles, questionnaires, activities...this package offers dozens of ways for students to interact with the material in S is for Scientists and to learn more about how science works.



Lost Treasures - new cover

Teacher's Guide
 range of teacher-led activities designed to explore the multi-faceted aspects of treasure hunting that are presented in this book, from locating lost artifacts and interpreting clues to filtering through ethical dilemmas that sometimes accompany discoveries. .

Author's Notes
hat was involved in writing the book?  The author discusses the highs, lows, and issues encountered during the writing process.