The past few months have been busy.  'Dinosaurs' of the Deep: Discover Prehistoric Marine Life was just released and that brought with it a whirlwind of activity.

  • A visit to Friesen Press in Altona, Manitoba for a press run with Turnstone's Jamis Paulson and Sharon Caseburg.  This was an exciting time - my first ever press run, and you can read more about my experience here.
  • Two major launches, the first at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, and the second at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba.  You'll find more about my take on the McNally launch here.  You can also check out the What's Next blog of my friend and fellow writer, Marylou Dreidger, who attended the launch and also wrote about the event.
  • A flurry of signings around Winnipeg, and a blitz of newspaper, radio and television features.
Author of the Month

Turnstone Press ran several profile pieces for its Author of the Month feature during the month of August. Thanks for the honour, Turnstone.

My Studio
Enter my inner sanctum...a glimpse at where I work and a little about what gets my writing juices flowing

19 Questions About Process
Thoughts about writing, what works, what doesn't, and more

Behind the Page: Larry Verstraete on 'Dinosaurs' of the Deep
Experiences and inspirations while working on 'Dinosaurs' of the Deep

Just Released

Accidental Discoveries



Over 80 stories about the stumbles, goofs, and strange twists that have resulted in amazing breakthroughs from laughing gas to dynamite - and everything in between. Revised, updated & expanded edition




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Crabtree Publishing's Innovations Series explores everyday inventions that make our lives easier and more efficient, and the amazing inventors, scientists and engineers who dream them up.

The Story Emporium


A new book fair initiative for schools from Rebelight Publishing. With The Story Emporium (elementary/middle grades) and The Emporium (high school), Rebelight offers a convenient way for schools to showcase books and media created by local publishers, illustrators, musicians and authors (yours truly included) while at the same time earning cashback for the school. Rebelight provides catalogues for students, posters to hang on the wall, then on the day of the event swoops in to set up, track sales, and pack up at the end.

For more information, visit Rebelight's Story Emporium.