New – Accidental Discoveries: From Laughing Gas to Dynamite (3rd edtion)

Some discoveries come about by logic and reasoning. Others happen because of blunders, fumbles and freaky circumstances with headlines like these:

Accidental Discoveries

-  Blast of Water in Bathroom Yields Billion-Dollar Invention

-  Spill Creates Explosive More Powerful Than Dynamite

-  Flash Flood Turns Disappointment Into Wondrous Discovery

-  Stumble in Laboratory Changes Smoking Habits Worldwide

-  Disturbing Dream Helps Allies Turn Defeat Into Victory

-  Scientist Dreams Answer to Problematic Question

-  Invention Inspired by Folding Chairs Changes Shopping Habits Everywhere

-  Dog Slobber Yields Scientist a Nobel Prize 

-  Freak Explosion Reveals Truth About Digestion


Over 80 stories about the stumbles, goofs, and strange twists that have resulted in amazing breakthroughs from laughing gas to dynamite - and everything in between.

A Few of My Favorites from 2016

With one year ending and a new one beginning, it's a good time to take a look back at some special moments from 2016.  With thanks and gratitude to friends, readers, publishers and fellow writers, here are a few highlights:

The Story Emporium


A new book fair initiative for schools from Rebelight Publishing. With The Story Emporium (elementary/middle grades) and The Emporium (high school), Rebelight offers a convenient way for schools to showcase books and media created by local publishers, illustrators, musicians and authors (yours truly included) while at the same time earning cashback for the school. Rebelight provides catalogues for students, posters to hang on the wall, then on the day of the event swoops in to set up, track sales, and pack up at the end.

For more information, visit Rebelight's Story Emporium.