Innovations in Transportation

Imagine the streets filled with horses and buggies, or the skies without airplanes!  You might not realzieed that, before vehicles, it used to take days - even weeks - to visit friends or family. You'll be inspired by the important innovations in transportation over the years and the ingenious inventors, scientists, and engineers who made them. 


Recommended, Best Books, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2017


"The examples in each of the books in "The Problem Solved! Your Turn to Think Big" series will be engaging to students in Grades 3 6 and well beyond. The books are well-written and well illustrated. The real strength of the books is in the repeated message to students to think creatively and become problem solvers now...  Highly Recommended."

                                                                                                                                  Canadian Materials Magazine

"This series belongs in every library, ideally positioned next to a Maker Space. What a great tool for teachers who might read aloud a section or two before issuing a design challenge.

                                                                                                                                  National Science Teachers Association



Young Inventor Spotlight:  Spencer Whale

While visiting a children's hospital, 6-tear-old Spencer Whale noticed sick kids riding toy cars in the activity room. Not far behind, parents followed, pushing intravenous (IV)  poles that fed medication to their sick children through plastic tubes. The tangled equipment made the children's play difficult and sometimes unsafe. To remedy the situation, Spencer invented a ridable plastic car with a colorfully decorated IV pole attached.  With Spencer's invention, called the KidKare Car, sick kids can play safely and receive their medication at the same time.



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